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These one-off rooster bowls were inspired by what happens when Home Based Learning with the kids(whether yours or not) collides with Work from Home, and home cooked meals.

This collection is really a spontaneous response to the stories we heard from friends around the world during various versions of lockdown, when working adults had to find ways to deal with the precocious children around them. Please refer to rooster facial expressions to find the one most relatable to you.

Each bowl has been fired in the kiln at least 3 times to obtain the desired result and imagery.

The nostalgic albeit humourous rooster bowls are all handpainted on hand thrown bisque fired bowls before glazing, and the images of playing children come from decade old ceramics decals we obtained from Jingdezhen that are then applied and fired once more to melt into the glazed fired bowls.

Dimensions: 8.5cm height by 19cm width

Microwave safe.

Dishwasher safe.

Food safe.

Rooster Bowl WFH Edition (RB6)

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