A return of Mud Rock's rendition of the rooster bowl. Anyone who has eaten laksa or prawn noodles in the old days would remember these bowls. The first series was made in 2013 when we got quite sad seeing plastic replicas. It has been a while since we made them again. This 2021 series is quite different cus of the casually sturdy and organic forms of the bowls paired with the subtle humour in these reimagined chooks. Also... Them chicks peppered outside is maybe my favourite part. 🐓🐔🐥🐤 The rooster bowls are a limited edition. We only made a 100 bowls for 2021, as it requires alot of work.19cm by 9cm, these bowls are all individually hand thrown, trimmed, painted with slip, then bisque fired before being handpainted with our humorous roosters and chicks.

Rooster bowls (Retro Edition)