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Mud Rock is a ceramic studio based in Singapore founded by ceramics artists, Ng Seok Har and Michelle Lim, who have been practicing ceramics professionally for over 15 years.


We are makers of mud and clay who bond over the love of beautiful ceramics that serve us daily. From multiple bowls to a single sculpture, we find a never ending joy in making, exploring and serving with clay.

With our own kilns, glaze laboratory and equipment, we are able to produce works, glaze formulas and even clay types for specific needs. Though dedicated to our craft, we believe in collaborations to see how our medium can compliment others and to learn from those experiences.

Our current clientele comprises of restaurants, design companies, architecture firms, government bodies, corporate organizations, and the quirky individual. With over 14 years of experience in the ceramics industry locally and internationally, we provide consultation on various ceramics projects as well.

Thats us! The two factory women who prod

With tongue-in-cheek, Mud Rock is named in reference to the local sub-culture of 'Mat Rok' in Singapore, as ceramic craft too is often teased as a sub-culture of the Arts. 

Mud Rock_314_edited.jpg

Ng Seok Har

Driven by a life long love for the arts, Seok left the banking industry to reinvest and develop her skills in ceramics making.


Her journey in pottery started in Tokyo, Japan. Returning to Singapore, she continued her training intensively with a local potter - Jaqueline Low - before taking on an apprenticeship with a Thai ceramics production house under the guidance of the  renowned Thai master - Somluk Pantiboon.


Since then Seok has been a full-time potter in Mud Rock, and has exhibited locally and internationally as well.


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Michelle Lim

As a professional ceramicist, crafts person and maker, Michelle is versatile and cross-disciplinary. She has been an industrial designer and educator of youth at risk, for which she has received awards, and has exhibited in several local and international solo and group ceramic shows.


During her Ceramics Degree, she was awarded the much coveted Sir Geoffery Yeend Scholarship, and completed her Bachelors majoring in Ceramics with First Class Honors at the Australian National University. She has been practicing ceramics for over 15 years now.


As the co-founder of Awaken the Dragon, Singapore's ceramics festival, Michelle has given TED talks on Ceramics in Singapore, and also guest lectures Art and Design schools in Singapore.

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