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Frequently Asked Questions

Mud Rock's COVID-19 measures (updated: Jan 21st 2022)


Dear clients


At Mud Rock, the health of our clients and potters is our first priority. We continue to monitor the Coronavirus situation and are keeping a close eye on official information including the guidance published by MOH, our local health departments and WHO.

In line with the recommendations on best practice, please take note of the proactive preventative measures we are currently taking to protect against exposure to the virus:

 1.     We will not be able to receive ANYONE if they

-        are unwell (fever, cough, flu or sore throat) or

-        are in close contact (living in the same house) with others who have contracted covid-19.

1.1. Assist us in complying with the following, 

  • Check-in using the QR code at the doors.

  • On entering our studio, ALL will be required to take a temperature reading.  If your temperature is above 37.5C we won’t be able to receive you.

  • ALL who enter must use our hand sanitizers. 


2.  We conduct wipe downs of all equipment and door handles every day, using antibacterial wipes and spray. There are disinfectant sprays, sanitizers, and surgical masks readily available throughout the studio for your use.

3.  Finally, a reminder to everyone that if you feel unwell or have any symptoms, please do not attend any Mud Rock class, consult your doctor and rest at home.


We would like to reassure everyone that we are doing our part to keep you and the community safe. Thank you for joining our efforts and your understanding during this period!  We will continue to monitor and update our processes and communications. For further information please visit the Ministry of Health website (


Many thanks,

Seok, Michelle and Buddy (who is reluctantly having more baths)


Q 1. Can I visit your studio to buy something?

A 1. Yes. However, you will need to make an appointment via any of our contact options (Instagram, email or phone).

Q 2. How can I buy your work if I can't make an appointment?

A 2. You can buy our ceramics online at our online shop. Or you can email us for large commissions.

Q 3. I happen to be in the area, can I just pop in?

A 3. Unfortunately not because we are strictly by appointment only. As our retail section, classes and studio are all run by us the owners and makers, and we have limited resources. Potters, artists are like any other profession, being interrupted in the middle of work can be very disruptive to our process.

Q 4. I want to take classes at your studio but I want to view your studio first, can I come and have a look during class?

A 4. Our classes are all closed door sessions, and we respect the privacy and time of our students, so we do not allow visits to our classes. Images of our studio is available on our website under "Gallery".


Q 5. How can I make an order for my home or F&B?

A 5. Email us with your project details, for example how many pieces, dimensions, glazes with images etc.


Q 6. How can I join classes? Can I just drop in for a class?

A 6. All classes have to be booked online under "Education". To avoid disappointment, book early.

Q 7. I read that you do workshops and repair ceramics with Kintsugi. Can I bring over my broken wares to repair?

A 7. As we use real gold, the cost of kintsugi repair by us will most likely cost more than buying a new piece. However, if it is an item of critical sentimental value, you may email us with the story behind the proposed ceramics and why you want it repaired. It is an extremely time consuming and costly process, so we want everyone to think carefully before they approach us for kintsugi.

Q 8. Why is no one answering my calls or emails? 

A 8. Working in a handmade studio means almost every minute is spent being involved in the process of making. As such it is extremely rare to have our hands clean to pick up a call or stop work to wait on emails. This craft is basically the anti-thesis of a desk job. So do have some patience when waiting for a reply.

Q 9. When can I collect the work that I made during my class?

A 9. The best time is to come during class hours to ensure that there is someone around to guide you. Otherwise, make an appointment as we are not always in or available to assist in the collection of work. 

Q 10. How do I join Clay Commune or have studio practice hours?

A 10. Our studio space and clay commune is reserved only for current or past students who are familiar with our studio etiquette and how our studio operates. To be a member, you will first need to have learnt from us. Even if one has skills or has practiced the craft for years, we must insist that they at least complete a full beginners/advance course with us, before we evaluate and invite the student to join clay commune. An invitation to clay commune is not guaranteed as there is also a waitlist. As we pride ourselves in keeping Mud Rock a safe space and require everyone - above technique or skills - to have the right attitude, respectfulness and energy. 









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